Borrowing Through Community Chest

We are  the only peer to peer lender specialising in commercially viable social businesses with charitable or community objectives.

♦     Unsecured loans from £100,000 to £750k for viable business projects

♦     Businesses must be run through a charity, a community benefit society or a Community Interest Company

♦     Interest rate is set by an auction on the ThinCats peer to peer finance platform (typically between 2% and 10%)

♦     Interest is payable monthly

♦    Capital cannot be repaid until after the 3rd anniversary of draw down and then should be repaid during years 4 and 5

♦     Must have a workable plan to repay the loan on time

♦     Facilitates the involvement of a crowd of supporters/investors but with a single point of contact for the borrower

♦     Funds available now; with thousands of active investors

Community Chest enables viable commercial businesses with charitable or community objectives to borrow directly from a syndicate of many small investors. The ThinCats p2p lending platform manages the collection of loan repayments and distributing interest income and capital repayments to lenders as well as arranging legal documentation. The borrower only deals with a single organisation and will not need to deal with each of the individual lenders although sometimes there are advantages for both borrower and lender if they do. For example; the lenders may also become customers.

Many of the investors who lend to your business are likely to be existing ThinCats lenders but some borrowers will already have their own network of supporters who will be interested in making a loan to their favourite good cause with the advantage of getting 30% of their investment back in tax relief. If this is a possibility for your business we have a special section on the Investing page with notes on how this can be managed.

How to Apply

If you are interested in borrowing through this platform you should first check that your business qualifies for Social Investment Tax Relief by following this link. There are a number of exclusions such as property development and if your business does not qualify you may be wasting a lot of your time and effort to proceed further. If you believe that you  have a project that will make sufficient money to be able to repay the loan within 3-5 years please call Malcolm Caley on 07795 221420 or Kevin Caley on 07710 131458 or send an email to The next stage will be to submit a business plan.

You can also get further information, examples of the type of businesses that qualify and access additional help by following these links: The CIC Association, Good finance, Big Society Capital and  Get SITR. 

Big Society Capital also produce a useful guide to the SITR rules and an overview of the changes that took place in 2017

Example Social Businesses

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  • Medical Charity

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